3 Lesson Gift Certificate (Makes a Fantastic Christmas Gift)


3 one Hour Fly fishing lesson on Gary’s boat on Lake Conroe.



 The Three Lesson Casting Plan for Beginners would take place here on Lake Conroe. Each Lesson lasts about 1 1/2 hour (but usually longer in most cases) at a cost of $75.00 for each lesson , for a total gift package of $225.00.
 Our first lesson will be casting from a 22′ Pontoon Boat with a large casting platform. Our second lesson we would be casting from an 18′ Polling Skiff like those you use for sight fishing for red fish, bonefish, permit and Tarpon. Your 3rd lesson would finish with shallow wade fishing in the water on an island beach on Lake Conroe.
 We will cover the fundamental casts in the first lesson, the straight line overhead cast and roll cast and build from there. We will cover the essentials of casting and then as you progress in your casting, we will add important tips to help in making other casts such as curve casts, slackline casts, mending techniques and more.
 I have all the equipment needed for your lessons here to get you started, so there is no need to run out and purchase your equipment. However, as a student you will receive a discount on any equipment you wish to purchase.  Using my different rods and reels will give you the real feeling of what they are like to help you decide if you wish to purchase them. We can discuss your equipment needs during our lessons, based on your future fishing needs and applications.


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