Ballistic “Vector” Spey Line


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Ballistic “Vector” Spey Lines


Vector Line Description: The Ballistic Speyline “Vector” lines are designed to be very user friendly, yet lend themselves to advanced casting techniques due to optimized front and rear tapers. Incorporated in the design is the natural growth of line length with line weight, since these proportions are typically inherent in most rod designs, too. This concept of line growth with line weight generally provides the best fit of rod and line, since larger weight rods tend to be longer.

The original design goals for the Vector were as follows:

• Ease of casting (< 4:1 ratio line to rod length)

• Balanced flight characteristics (shootability)

• Strong roll-out and stretch (straight layout)

• Excellent fishability (not too short or long, and integrated holding/running line)

The Vector series, I believe, meets all of those goals.


4/5 Head 42′ 350 gr. Running 63′ Total 105′

5/6 Head 45′ 390 gr. Running 65′ Total 110′

6/7 Head 49′ 440 gr. Running 66′ Total 115′

7/8 Head 52′ 500 gr. Running 68′ Total 120′

8/9 Head 55′ 570 gr. Running 70′ Total 125′

9/10 Head 60′ 650 gr. Running 70′ Total 130′

10/11 Head 63′ 740 gr. Running 72′ Total 135′

The most significant aspect of the Vector design is its smooth, powerful, and consistent layout performance, even during long casts. This is achieved through balanced proportions of front, belly and rear tapers. All of these features were blended together to establish the optimal flight characteristics which is a trademark of all Ballistic Speylines.



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